2020 Pricing

No The WI

*50% Deposit* 

Whitetail Deer: $600

Black Bear:  $600

Moose: $1,200 to $1,600

Coyote: $600

Wolf:  $700

Mule Deer: $700

Caribou:  $800

Elk:  $900

LIFESIZE :   (includes custom base) *50% Deposit*

Black Bear: $300 per ft. (nose to tail)

3/4  L/S Black Bear: $900 to $1,600

Deer:  $1500 to $1800

3/4 LS Deer: $1,400

Beaver: $600 to $1,100

Lynx – Bobcat: $900

Mink/Marten: $400

Fisher: $600

Coyote: $900

Wolf: $1,400

Fox: $900

BIRDS:  *$50% Deposit*

Grouse: $250

Pheasant: $350

Owls/Hawks: $400

Ducks: $300

Canada Geese: $450

Snow/Speckle Geese: $400

Turkey: $1,000

Turkey Tail Fan on Oak Plaque: $200

FISH:  *50% Deposit*

Only providing Reproduction Fish 

Call for quote. 

(Photo and measurements needed)


(C/W custom walnut wall plaque)

Deer: $160

Moose: $400


Obtaining impressive antlers or beautiful specimens will never  guarantee a great job of taxidermy when left in the hands of an incompetent taxidermist.  So many times hunters will search for the cheapest taxidermist they can find…only to save $50 or $100 and unfortunately are ultimately disappointed with what they bring home. Remember, the bad taste of poor quality work remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. When you think of how much you’ve invested in the harvesting of the animal, it only makes sense to take it to a taxidermist that you can trust to restore the beauty of that animal to last a lifetime.